How to be a professional?

We are inviting 22 to 50 years old open-minded and well mannered guy to become a professional. But, first of all you need to be sure that you are stepping into an exceptional job which might be unacceptable to your society! Now, if you really willing to take this risk then you can easily enlist your name into our professional selection list by submitting a simple online form.

How to get selected as a professional successfully?

We are counting too many qualities into a candidate; still we are focusing mainly two things while choosing our professionals. Which are- Professionalism and loyalty. We will test these two qualities in many different ways over online and also sometime physically. After selecting a professional male we will train him for higher class of personality, manners, dressing sense and conversation power. We will also build other necessary qualities such as mind reading techniques of women, understanding and changing behavior with the surrounding environments and many more.

After training complete, we will send our new professionals to Thailand or North America for mental, physical and other king of high quality message training. (Having passport is mandatory for our professionals. You can also apply for the passport when you are selected for the training). It’s a free service for the Professionals; our organization will spend for this trip! Selected candidate need to pay INR 7000/- to INR 13000/- for the training course and registration fees (Varies man to man. Longer training means increase of fees).

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